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An Internet Rebirth

For the last couple of years I’ve been working my ass off at a start-up Visual Effects company formerly known as Digital Domain Media Group. Why formerly known? Well, they went bankrupt and laid off ~375 people en masse. I don’t intend to relish on that story, but if you’re interested TCPalm covered the story fairly heavily.

Well, that left me in a bit of a predicament. You see, two co-workers and I had decided to rent out a rather nice 4-bedroom home within walking/biking distance to work. We signed (well, they signed ) a 1-yr lease and put about ~2000USD each into the cost of entering the lease – this was an enormous move for me.

We moved in a week prior to the layoff.

Myself, Caleb (Render Wrangler/Aspiring Lighter) and Nick (Compositor/Match-Mover) were suddenly out of work and low on funds. There was no 60-day notice (in violation of the WARN act) and no vacation reimbursement. I had ~100 vacation hours stockpiled for the day my boss would actually let me take a vacation or an untimely typo ruined the production cluster. I learned a lesson here – take your goddamn vacation time! Time is invaluable!

Anyway, this was supposed to be about “An Internet Rebirth” – so let’s switch gears and I’ll sing you the song of my people.

I used to love TechTV. I idolized Leo Laporte and Kevin Rose. I was a regular on the TechTV forums and found what I came to know as my internet family – a group of friends and like minded people who genuinely enjoyed hanging out online, playing PC games, and discussing new technology. When G4 bought out TechTV and started changing things, our community revolted and abandoned ship. Around a few hundred people migrated to an InvisionFree forums aptly named “Computer Forums”. This board eventually failed due to admin or database corruption – I can’t recall which. The community rebuilt on yet another forum – another Invision freebie – and history repeated itself. At this point, I took it upon myself to build a site that would stand the test of time. We, the remaining hundred-plus voted and decided on a domain name: GigaYetti. I worked with a friend I had met at NYLF (National Youth Leadership Forums on Technology, 2006) to install and administer freebie forum software. This too failed the test of time – accounts of prominent users magically disappeared on a regular basis even after revoking all admin accounts. I can only think that the database was corrupted/corrupting or one of the banned members found an exploit for the forum software we used.

At this point in life (2008), I had stopped frequenting my own forums. I flew the coop and landed in college at the Florida Institute of Technology where I managed to find a few good friends that satisfied my need for a social life and technological babble.

My presence on the internet faded.

The next four years of my life did not go quite as expected, but at great last – I’m back and I’m here to stay.


Fun Fact:

I used to hate WordPress. I thought it was a cheat, a cop-out and a tool for the clueless.


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