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Automic Introspective REST Agent + Small life update

Hi folks,

Long time no post! I believe the last thing I posted was some sort of Craigslist apartment-scanning script I was using to sort through flats in NYC. Though I was offered the job, I ended up turning it down for a couple of reasons:

1. Though it would have paid well more than enough to cover the COLA difference, NYC is wicked pricey and honestly I think I’m a bit scared of big city living.

2. I had a more interesting competing offer.

Late last year I accepted an offer to be an automation consultant through a consultancy that services Automic, Chef, and Cloudbees technologies. I’ve been sent around the USA and Europe so far and have had the opportunity to work on great things for great companies, with great people! I am proud to say I’ve had a direct hand in creating the CAOS framework used by Nordea (Danish Bank)  and have automated the software build/deployment pipeline for a number of other companies.

Anyhoo, something I have realized is that Automic’s ARA product, while quite feature rich, is missing something… a REST API! So I prototyped one in PowerShell. Here’s a demo:

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