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Spectrum – Javascript Color Picker

I’m building a website to sort of mimic the functionality of (awesome site for Visual Studio theme lovers!) for PowerShell ISE color themes!

I’ll be doing things a little differently. Colleagues have suggested using PowerShell as the primary scripting language for the site, and while that’s feasible it seems like overkill (if not convoluted) at this point. Not sure if I’ll head in that direction – in the meantime, I’m playing with javascript color pickers!

The Spectrum color picker is proving really handy:

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    • Rex Hardin

      Hi Taylor! I’m aware that the tokenizer can be used to colorize the text and push out html! The “stored” styles were to be rendered using this technique. I think I should probably get back to this project sooner rather than later! I wound up fighting myself about finishing it using web forms or mvc – I want to have a restful user experience so I’ve been leaning towards mvc, but there’s a learning curve there for me! 😛

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