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The jb0x project

I am starting on a new project that I have dubbed jb0x. The domain ( will redirect to this page for the time being.

So, what is jb0x?

It’s a good listener and event triggering mechanism. The premise is that you’ll snap your fingers and it does something for you. It’s that simple! It’ll be a little cube or sphere shaped device that actively listens for snaps, and determines the pattern of your snap, and uses that pattern to launch a particular command or perform a particular action on your computer. It’s a way to truly “remotely” interface with your computer in a totally analog fashion. Ever want to skip a song while the remote is out of reach? Snap snap… song skipped.

Here’s an itty bitty taste of how I think it’ll work:


Update — I built a working prototype. I have the arduino doing a little processing/math to determine whether a snap event is detected as right, left or both. It’s not perfect yet, but I have some ideas on how to improve it.


The arduino is spitting out data over serial to a raspberry pi, which will be running a celery worker that listens to the serial port and ingest the data (via Django ORM) into a database. I’ll do this to get some statistics and test data to mull over, and eventually I’ll use the Django-app with celery integration to both record and invoke the ‘tasks’ corresponding to snap events.

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