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meat-script (noun): employee who performs procedures that should be automated

Django DateTimeZoneField

In a scheduling project I’ve been working on, I’ve come across the need to ingest and present a lot of datetime information. The input will include many different timezones and may not reflect the user’s timezone. Thus the user must specify the timezone in the datetime stamp field. You’d think Django would handle this out […]

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The jb0x project

I am starting on a new project that I have dubbed jb0x. The domain ( will redirect to this page for the time being. So, what is jb0x? It’s a good listener and event triggering mechanism. The premise is that you’ll snap your fingers and it does something for you. It’s that simple! It’ll be […]

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Custom Automation Tooling

I’m currently working as an Automation Engineer for Bank of America, and I’ve been building a set of tools to enable a “continuous patching” concept. Take a look and let me know what you think! This has been on /r/webdev: And if you would like to play around with the d3js interactive grid, here’s […]

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VLC Multicast Streaming Audio

Ever wanted to synchronize audio playback over multiple devices? I have. VLC is the key player in this use case: I have a laptop/pc in my bedroom and a server/media centre in the living area. I have shared central storage, so both computers can access the media. I also have RDP, VNC and PowerShell remoting […]

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PowerShell REST Service

Hi folks, In a previous post I showed off a little service I had written in PowerShell to wrap Automic ARA’s ARATools.jar methods in a REST service with a neat page that allows you to test POST json data without writing any code. I have bundled these files for download and copied the source code […]

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Automic Introspective REST Agent + Small life update

Hi folks, Long time no post! I believe the last thing I posted was some sort of Craigslist apartment-scanning script I was using to sort through flats in NYC. Though I was offered the job, I ended up turning it down for a couple of reasons: 1. Though it would have paid well more than […]

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PowerShell + Craigslist for advanced apartment hunting

I was very, very tired of copying/pasting a template saying “Hi I’m Rex and I’m thinking about moving to NYC because of a job offer.. no pets, no kids, no wife, etc” to each place I found appealing. I decided to scrape craigslist and build PowerShell objects that I could sort and use to automagically […]

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Find invalid Base64 characters

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Spectrum – Javascript Color Picker

I’m building a website to sort of mimic the functionality of (awesome site for Visual Studio theme lovers!) for PowerShell ISE color themes! I’ll be doing things a little differently. Colleagues have suggested using PowerShell as the primary scripting language for the site, and while that’s feasible it seems like overkill (if not convoluted) […]

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